Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Worst Day in my Life *sooooobbbb*

The most terrible thing happened yesterday. I was just sitting there, and Rio was at the bottom right corner of the cage. Suddenly, he just fell right over and started breathing so fast! An-an-and then he started to look like he was in pain, lying there and f-f-f-feebly trying to call out. I was so te-t-terrified! All at once, he w-was just laying (s-soooobbb!!) there, and his shallow breathing just stopped!! I didn't know what t-t-to do. I went up to him (sob) and chirped over and over again, endlessly, till my throat hurt, but I still chirped. This couldn't be real. I was just dreaming. I had to be! How could any of this be real? When the girl came home, she was shocked too. We cried together for hours. She had to take Rio away. At night, when I always sleep snuggled up on the same perch with Rio, I waited for him to come but nothing happened. That's when I had the awful realization that Rio wouldn't come back. (s-soooobbb!!)
      Miserable Diamond

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