Monday, October 11, 2010


Dear Phoenix,
         As I mentioned in the title bar, "YEAH!" Our brand new super awesome fancy-shmancy parakeet playground just came a couple days ago, so me and the old DD are having a blast!!! There are bells, and whistles! OK, so maybe not whistles. But you get the picture. Lots of fancy toys and bobbles and stuff. Some of them are a little bit freaky, like the fake parakeet bobble-head. Like a mannequin, for you humans who are reading this and don't quite get it. I have enclosed a picture
         It just occurred to me that its really weird that we keep publicizing our letters. Hmmm. Well, it makes the girls happy.

                                        Ya know me,

P.S. Write back soon! The pen pal system is threatening to evict us again!