Sunday, February 6, 2011

Adventures of OB: THE TALE of the GIGANTIC ICICLE!!!!!

Once upon a time, about last week, in an insignificant New England town, there was a suburban street which housed the greatest of unknown heroes... OTHERBIRD KEETS!!!!!

Well, not really...

OTHERBIRD KEETS!!!!! was brave, honest, and loved millet! One day OTHERBIRD KEETS!!!!! was otside with her human girl, when they say a ginormous icicle that was bigger than the human girl, and wider too! They marveled at it.

The end. :)
WHHATT??? There wasn't that much to tell. But seriously, it was huge!!! It was bigger than the human girl, and to me, humans are the biggerest things in the whole wide world!!!

I will upload pics if the icicle doesn't melt...