Diamond's Friends, Family, and Foes

Hey, peeps and keets, this is where I tell you all about my friends and family!
Humans First! (haven't uploaded bird pics yet,or foes)

This is the human girl who takes care of me and OB. I can't tell you her name, but she does seem to enjoy bagels and hot chocolate!

 This is the human girl's friend/ one of BFF's who came over and kept me and OB up 'till midnight. She is a fantastic blogger. she made my header and gave me the best parakeet award! (I accidentally put the glasses on her when i was making the avatar. She wears glasses only sometimes)

This is one of the human girl's BFF's. She comes over a lot and we play. Known as Auntie V. and likes video games. (what are those?) I couldn't find the right hair for her on the avatar creator thing. :(

Now for my Bird Friends:

This is Rio. He liked Millet Sprays and seeds. Rio passed away Jan. 12, 2009. he had a liver condition because he didn't eat any of the health foods that were in our cage. Best Friend From the beginning to the end.

 Crazy bird that is a bright, bright green. He showed up in the middle of the night and stumbled onto the perch. He is very bold and curious and is a good friend. Believes the first egg fell out of the sky from a magical unicorn. He has a pen pal, a cat named Phoenix.

Well, I guess that's me. I love playing with my human girl and eating millet sprays. My favorite TV show is The Suite Life On Deck. I am the dominant keet, and the internet fanatic in this cage.

 And now these are my other friends. (And enemies...)
AAARRRGG! That's my archenemy, an evil mastermind of a cat! She lives with Otherbird's pen pal, Phoenix. Surprisingly. OB is OK with Biddy. Weird. But then again, I'm OK with Phoenix.....

Well... this is Phoenix. He's Otherbird's pen pal. Biddy and I don't mind him too much. He's a cat, for anyone who doesn't know. But you should probably know that.

Again, this one of Otherbird and Phoenix's friends. Comet's a hamster, I think. He doesn't do that much on this blog, so I really can't say much about him. Comet live's in the same house as Biddy. She tried to eat me when I went over there, so I'm guessing she tried eating comet too. But hey, I could be wrong.

This is Bushi. You may not know her yet, though. She is the second human girl's new kitten. When she gets introduced to the blog, I will write more about her!