Wednesday, February 17, 2010


The last post got totally messed up because of the"HMTL" thing. Oh well. It's still readable, right?

Things Have Been Happening....

Hey Peeps and Keets! Sorry I haven’t been posting lately. Things kept getting in the way I have a couple things to say so here goes.                                                            1. Joc-o, how on earth did you possibly hack into my blog? How did you even get to use a computer at that waterpark? They watch you like a hawk there. In case you didn’t know, Joc-o is a blue and gold MACAW that lives in a waterpark in TEXAS!                            2. The Best Bird contest was a tie! 50 50! Equal! OB and I are equal!                          3. Speaking of Otherbird, his new nickname is OB. Or OB One Kenobi. Like in some weird “movie” thingamajig I’ve never heard of.                                                      4. Yesterday the human girl said that I was so cute she could just eat me up. I freaked out ‘cause you know how the Aboriginals used to EAT parakeets? Well that’s why. But then I Googled it and it’s actually just a saying that means you’re really cute!                                                                          

What's up Diamond?

Hey Diamond! I's me, your macaw friend. Yup, It's me. Joc-o! How's it going in the cold state? Still warm in Texas. See ya later Diamond, I gotta run. Literally. Your readers may like to know that I live in a waterpark and some kids are chasing me right now! I can't bite them, of course, so I and going to need to RUN!!!!