Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Tale of my Tail

OK, so you peeps and keets may or may not know that originally my tail was pretty short right? So a month or so back the humans had to help me pull out my biggest tail feather because it was broken and really annoying. So at that time, my tail got super duper short. But now it's grown back and what's really weird is that now that it's grown back, it's really really long! I guess it's pretty, but nobody's used to it yet. Otherbird got all cranky 'cuz his tail got all messed up and ugly looking. His blue feather is only like a centimeter long, and his yellow feathe is all messed up and nly one inch long! woo hoo for me!
                  The fantastic DIAMOND 

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dear Phoenix,

 Dear Phoenix,
          Yeah, sorry I haven't written. I guess you could say it's been getting better for me. The humans are still completely and utterly NUTS, but Diamond has gotten easier to get along with. About Diamond and Biddy fighting, that's just something we should get used to. They're at it all the time. I guess that's just what nemesis' are for. I'm glad were not enemies. that would ruin everything. The other good news is that the humans want to make us our own blog, so we can finally write letters in peace away from those crazy girls.
                           Your pen pal,

Friday, April 23, 2010

Tiny Pics!

Dear Otherbird,

Hey OB! Haven't heard from you lately... Whats up? Its getting lonely here, well we just moved in. I guess thats why. They humans think I'm going blind! Psh! Yeah, sure... There getting REALLY annoying. Well, enough about me. What about you? Are things going better over there? Hope so. And sorry that this letter was so short!

Your Pen Pal,

P.S. Biddy and Diamond are fighting again!!


I'm getting a Cbox! Yippee for me! A Cbox is a little chat box that lets people talk with the other people on my blog

New Page!

Hey everybody! Guess what? I made ANOTHER new page! It's a bunch of pictures of us that I fixed up and messed up. It's really fun! Check it out and vote what Otherbird looks better as.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Ok Warriors101. The signature looks good. 
Now back on buisness.
I figured out all the fonts that everyone uses on my blog. Here they are:
Me: Curlz MT
OB: Verdana
Biddy, Joc-o, Phoenix: Times New Roman
Humans: Courier
Except for Curlz MT all fonts can be found in the font menu.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I made you a signature! :D

Hey Diamond! Its your pal, Warriors101! I made you a signature!

Hope you like! Tell me if you want any changes! :)

I did it

Ok, I did it! But I want YOU to comment on Dripping Drips of Colored Water (Frangipani42's design blog) on what you want. Here is the link:

Monday, April 19, 2010



note from OB: as you can see, Diamond is having a tantrum.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hiya W101!

I kind of like this background, so keep the code and I think i can use it for something else. Also the other background is pretty good for OB. Maybe Frangipani can add a pic of a cat that looks like Phoenix in the lower left hand corner. Then it could be their pen pal blog. Save the HTML codes to both backgrounds. But change it back to the original background.
PS. Are you Frangipani? Who is that anyway?
                    -Diamond's human girl

Saturday, April 10, 2010

New Background

Hello Diamond, its your friend Warriors101!  I changed the background, if thats ok. (dont worry, I still have the HTML of the last one) and I was wondering if you wanted any changed, more designs, change the parakeet color, and all that other stuff. Just wondering, oh! And Frangipani42 made it! :) Shes pretty good huh?


Hey Diamond! Frangipani re-did the background. Do you like it???? PLEASE comment!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Dear Otherbird,

Dear OB,

Yes! You finally wrote me another letter, thanks! I know! Me too. Biddy wont let me put a claw on this weird technology thing! *sighs* WOMAN.... Hows it up there? Cold, chilly.... Other thingz.... Its good up here. But, my eyesight is getting worse! I crashed into a cardboard box and almost got hit by the door. *sighs* Oh well.... At least I'm still alive! My hoomans are ok. They were being all over Biddy while I was just swatted in the face by her! :p Meanies. Your right! They CAN be a hassle! Well, Biddy is getting impatient with me now, sorry! I have to go.

Your Pen Pal,

Dear Pheonix,

Hi Biddy! This is Otherbird!
Can you deliver my message to Phoenix? Thanks!

Dear Phoenix,
          Hiya Pen Pal! Sorry I haven't been writing lately. The pen pal website almost evicted me for not writing. Things have been pretty hectic since I moved in to here from the “Pet Store". Besides, now that the place I live houses a blogging female parakeet I rarely ever get to use the computer. How's it going with your humans? Mine can get to be a hassle. Diamond is demanding the computer now. Gotta go!
                            Your Pen Pal,

Message From Warriors101: Um... Sure, I'll let Phoenix on....(If I can get Biddy of first of all)  But how did you hack into my blogger account? :/