Friday, April 2, 2010

Dear Pheonix,

Hi Biddy! This is Otherbird!
Can you deliver my message to Phoenix? Thanks!

Dear Phoenix,
          Hiya Pen Pal! Sorry I haven't been writing lately. The pen pal website almost evicted me for not writing. Things have been pretty hectic since I moved in to here from the “Pet Store". Besides, now that the place I live houses a blogging female parakeet I rarely ever get to use the computer. How's it going with your humans? Mine can get to be a hassle. Diamond is demanding the computer now. Gotta go!
                            Your Pen Pal,

Message From Warriors101: Um... Sure, I'll let Phoenix on....(If I can get Biddy of first of all)  But how did you hack into my blogger account? :/

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