Monday, March 29, 2010

Biddy!!! What the heck?

 OK, the pictures do not show the birds' addresses. I clicked on them myself. Also, most of them don't have feathers yet! They are BABIES!!!! DUUUHHHHH.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I'm Still Here

Thanks for those pics Diamond! I clicked on them and it showed me where they lived! Looks like I'll be having a little feast tonight! *dashes feathers under couch* So.. What does now? And my owner says that I'm the cutest thing ever! So don't be calling me a freak feather legs! *snickers* Bye!

Some baby parakeets


Is that cute or WHAT??
They're growing up!

That's what I used to look like! :) It's the same color and everything!

Message to BeSmiley

Warriors101 didn't hack in but her cat used the computer when she wasn't looking!

This is a quick post (not)

Sorry peeps. I really didn't have time to post before. I know I haven't posted a lot lately. So anyway, OB and I are tied in the poll that asks if the conure or the egg came first. Well, we were. But now I am WINNING! Yesterday Otherbird told me that at his old "Pet Store" the big parrots weren't separated into cages and they were out in the OPEN!!! No cages! But they couldn't trust the "little" birds like parakeets or finches. I am not LITTLE! Now people, let me give you an explanation about BIDDY. Last year, like in Fall 2009 the human girl and her family went on vacation to pencil-vane-eea! Me and Rio stayed at Warriors101's (aka person who posts on this blog that's not me) house for the time being. We watched a movie! So Biddy was the cat there. She's black and white. She stared at us a lot and almost got the birdhouse open! It was creepy. PS. Warriors101, your cat is evil. 

Note From Biddy: I would sure like to eat the conure!

Creep! By the way, I hold victory! I can delete your posts Biddy. Also I fixed my special font. Who's Mwahahaha-ing now? 

Biddy? Whay was that for??!!

And you totally messed up my cool font too!
Oh, by the way, new posts coming soon! (sorry, i am a busy little bird)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Remember me???

Hey Diamond, its your old pal-Biddy. He he.... Remember??? *snickers* HA! I managed to HACK into your blog! Muahahaha! This isn't the last you heard of me!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Blog Makeover (kind of)

Helllooo Birdfeather! I signed up for a background for this blog to make it personal for Diamond! (its not finished yet) I wanted to know if you wanted a new header or something. (theres going to be a button too, just tell me if you want the pic on the sidebar to be it) Tell me what else you want! (signature, post divider... blah blah blah)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Which Came first, the Conure or the Egg?

Well, guess what folks. So now OB and I are really great friends, but we still argue A LOT! So anyway, we had this conversation the other day about which came first: the conure or the egg? Well, I thought it was the conure, and Otherbird thought it was the egg. Here are our arguments:
Me: The bird came first!
OB: No, it was the egg! How would a conure appear out of nowhere?
Me: The first birds evolved from one molecule that doubled itself so many times until it became a whole bird!
OB: What’s a molecule?
ME: How would and egg appear out of nowhere?
OB: A magical unicorn dropped it from the sky!
Me: Oh, and how's the egg going to hatch itself without a mommy bird? and how can the baby take care of itself when it hatches?
OB: it's a magic egg and a magic baby! (as you can see, Otherbird isn't extremely well read!)
Me: Fine! We'll have a poll on the blog to see who's right!
OB: Fine!

And that's the story kids! Be sure to vote!