Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Award

Hey yall. This is one of Diamonds friends here! I just wanted to give this award to her! Enjoy!

Sleepy Rio

UHHGGG, Rio slept all day today and yesterday!!! Boys are so hard to understand! Last week he kept me up all night and now I am so bored without him. The humans were saying that Rio may be sick. I hope not. As annoying as he may get sometimes, he's still my best buddy and I really hope he is okay. I also really hope that he recovers from this sleepy spell! I kept trying to wake him up but he kept going to sleep again! I am so bored without my birdy buddy! :-(
                      Sad Diamond

Diamond: Introduction

Hi, I'm Diamond, the blue and white cute parakeet girl here. There's another one, Rio. He's green with a yellow face and a dark blue tail. A little about me: I am light blue with a flattering white stripe across my front. my wings and head are white too. I have a short tail that's also white. (Rio's tail is really long, longer than his body!) What you will be reading is an account of my important life, everything from Rio's fear of purple grapes to new treats. Come by once in a while to see whats going on in my awsome life.