Friday, January 29, 2010

Sleepy Diamond

Well! One of the human girl's friends came over last week. It was fun for them but for me was a disaster! Her friend insisted on playing with us the entire time she was there, and I got absolutely no sleep! She held me all night and made the girl hold Otherbird. At least we got to watch The Suite Life on Deck. It’s my favorite show! Also, Otherbird hates it! So that’s two pluses for me! But even though that was a week ago, I’m still yawning! ZZZZZ. I better go get some sleep…….

Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Font!

Don’t you love it? Don’t you love it love it? THIS NEW FONT IS AWESOME!!!! I am so great. :
  Awesome Diamond

Otherbird again.

Otherbird gets to sleep in the boiler room really high on a clothes hanger just because he has a silly cold. :-O. I hope he gets well soon, but it's still not fair that he sleeps in the boiler room. It's all warm and toasty in there, and in the usual bird room it's not cold, but not WARM either! Also, so far in the bird race it's a tie, but either way Otherbird, YOU ARE GOING DOWN!!!!
        The AWESOME Princess Diamond

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Re Re: Otherbird

That soooo does it. I, Diamond, the Better Bird, challenges Otherbird to an online poll to see if people like Otherbird or me better. But of course, I am already the winner.

Re- Otherbird

Hello all! It’s me, Otherbird. Let’s see who’s really the better bird here. By the way, I do not have a suckish name. It has lots of character! Also, I’m braver than Diamond. I say no to the girl when I need to while Diamond cowers back. Also, Diamond was scared of this one treat that was put into her cage until I came along and showed her it was nothing to be afraid of. (DELICIOUS!) Now she hogs the treat. Also, when Diamond said that she won the fight we had fair and square, it wasn’t true. She was standing on the water cup and taking up all the room and I was hanging half off the cage bars. So, that wasn’t fair. I mean, we can be friends but she still has to realize who’s the better bird.

Monday, January 18, 2010


Can you believe it? The new bird's name is Otherbird! Can you believe it? What a silly name!! We are pretty good friends now, but what a name! Well, I am busy watching TV. Wizards of Waverly Place is on. :-)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Can you believe it?

Okay, so I was sad and lonely after Rio's death, so one day they tell me that when they come home that day, I would get a surprise. Several hours later, I am just sleeping. Then the girl comes in and turns on the lights all of the sudden. I shake my little head groggily, and then she announces that she has my "special surprise" she opens a box and take something out,  then puts it right next to me. The humans had brought home another bird! I instantly reached out to strike him. I was not going to let this stranger take over and become the dominant birdie. Uh- uh. Princess Diamond does not give up without a fight. Luckily, this one fell off the perch straightaway. The human girl lifted him up with her finger and put him next to me again. This time, now that we established who's in charge, we just fell asleep together. He will never replace Rio, but he will still be a friend.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Feeling Better

It's been three days since Rio passed away. I thought I would be sad forever, but turns out, I'm feeling better already. Rio was so sick so I guess that he's in a better place now that he is in birdie heaven.
Today the human girl came in wearing one of her interchangeable skins. She laughed when I typed this and explained that because humans don't have feathers, they have to put these things called clothes in to keep from being cold. I asked why she had a variation of feathers on her head, she laughed again and told me that she didn't know, but it makes people look prettier. I kind of understand. The girl and the other humans would look very strange without hair on their heads.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Worst Day in my Life *sooooobbbb*

The most terrible thing happened yesterday. I was just sitting there, and Rio was at the bottom right corner of the cage. Suddenly, he just fell right over and started breathing so fast! An-an-and then he started to look like he was in pain, lying there and f-f-f-feebly trying to call out. I was so te-t-terrified! All at once, he w-was just laying (s-soooobbb!!) there, and his shallow breathing just stopped!! I didn't know what t-t-to do. I went up to him (sob) and chirped over and over again, endlessly, till my throat hurt, but I still chirped. This couldn't be real. I was just dreaming. I had to be! How could any of this be real? When the girl came home, she was shocked too. We cried together for hours. She had to take Rio away. At night, when I always sleep snuggled up on the same perch with Rio, I waited for him to come but nothing happened. That's when I had the awful realization that Rio wouldn't come back. (s-soooobbb!!)
      Miserable Diamond

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Very bad news and considerably small good news

Sorry I didn't blog lately. I didn't have a chance to use the computer in a while. Turns out, I was right! I heard the humans talking, and they said that Rio is sick! I can't believe it! After that, they came in and told us directly! Rio is sick because of a liver problem and that he doesn't eat his vitamin seeds, pellets, or veggies! He is such a silly bird. Getting sick for a bit of food. I will try to make him eat them but he probably won't listen. The only considerably good news is that now the humans are putting millet spray in the cage so Rio can chew on it and file his beak a little, which means I get some too!
Another thing: the humans just put in a new pineapple shaped mineral block, but we are still afraid of it. It is huge and really bright yellow!

                        Worried little Diamond   

Friday, January 1, 2010


Yesterday, the girl who takes care of us and her dad came and clipped Rio's beak. He never had a bird, but it turns out, he knows everything! Rio was so scared that the girl (who's name i am not supposed to say because the internet is a big and scary place) had to bring me over to calm Rio down. He looked so funny in the dad's big hands. At first, it was funny but the news I got after the beak clipping made my blood run cold. Rio's bottom beak's overgrown too, and his sleeping and long beak is because he is sick! I am never going to skip my vitamin seeds now! Even if they taste horrible!