Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Can you believe it?

Okay, so I was sad and lonely after Rio's death, so one day they tell me that when they come home that day, I would get a surprise. Several hours later, I am just sleeping. Then the girl comes in and turns on the lights all of the sudden. I shake my little head groggily, and then she announces that she has my "special surprise" she opens a box and take something out,  then puts it right next to me. The humans had brought home another bird! I instantly reached out to strike him. I was not going to let this stranger take over and become the dominant birdie. Uh- uh. Princess Diamond does not give up without a fight. Luckily, this one fell off the perch straightaway. The human girl lifted him up with her finger and put him next to me again. This time, now that we established who's in charge, we just fell asleep together. He will never replace Rio, but he will still be a friend.

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