Friday, April 2, 2010

Dear Otherbird,

Dear OB,

Yes! You finally wrote me another letter, thanks! I know! Me too. Biddy wont let me put a claw on this weird technology thing! *sighs* WOMAN.... Hows it up there? Cold, chilly.... Other thingz.... Its good up here. But, my eyesight is getting worse! I crashed into a cardboard box and almost got hit by the door. *sighs* Oh well.... At least I'm still alive! My hoomans are ok. They were being all over Biddy while I was just swatted in the face by her! :p Meanies. Your right! They CAN be a hassle! Well, Biddy is getting impatient with me now, sorry! I have to go.

Your Pen Pal,

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