Friday, August 27, 2010

My Epic (but scary) Adventure

Guess what happened today, about like 7 minutes ago!? Whatever, don't guess.
So Ob, Me, The human girl, and Warriors101 (her friend) went to play in the backyard. And sometimes the humans toss us from the deck to give us a little boost and we fly almost across half the yard. Well, you ask, why can't we fly on our own? Birds can fly! Well our wing feathers get cut short by the human girl so we wouldn't accidentally fly away. Otherbird always makes such a fuss when he gets his feather-cut. Such a silly bird!
So anyway, we got a boost and went across the yard. OB only went halfway. I, on the other hand, was soaring! It felt so good. I went all the way across the yard, and over the fence! The humans screamed. I landed in the big mass of weeds, shrubs and various other plants growing behind the fence. My poor little feathers got worn and torn. Warriors101 has to come in and rescue me!! I was all lost in a big mess of bushes and hopelessly lost. The humans called out my name and clamored around for me. I was so glad to be out of the whole mess! I'm so happy now! Yayyy! 

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