Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm Baaaccckkkkkk!

So guess where I've been all this time??? Guess! Guess! I was at a sleepover!!!

So the human girl and her human parents were going to Rhode Island last Wednesday, and I couldn't come because the room they were staying in didn't allow birds. (What kind of dumb rule is that? :/) So I got to stay at the human girl's friend's house with her BUNNNIES!!!!! There were big bunnies and baby bunnies. The adult bunnies are HUGE!!!!! I didn't get to play with them that much until the human girl came back from visiting Rhode Island. Then she took Otherbird and I out of the birdcage and put us with two baby BUNNIES on a big soft pile of grass in a wheelbarrow. It was fun seeing the little bunnies and they didn't hurt us. The yellow bunny really liked OB for some reason. Maybe because he's green, and ya know, bunnies eat leaves and grass and stuff.


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