Thursday, July 1, 2010

Blood Feather

Well, it’s little Diamond here with all the biggest news! So when birds grow feathers and the feathers are not fully grown yet, they are called blood feathers. That means if you break it, there will be blood. And when I was grooming my beautiful little self, a blood feather on my poor little wingie BROKE!!! The human girl had to pull it out but I was oh so frightened! She tried a couple times and every time i started squawking and pulled my wing away. and finally when I was pulling away from the human girl, The feather got loose! It was a short but sharp burst of pain and the next morning, She pulled out the feather all the way! It hurt but boy was I relieved! The blood on and in the feather had died by this time
              ~Brave Diamond

Note from Biddy: You and your nasty diseases! *rolls eyes*
Note from Diamond to Biddy: It's not a desease it's an injury you dumb cat! At least I don't eat wads of my own fluff and cough it up later to entertain myself!

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