Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hi Comet! (from Otherbird)

Hi Comet! Pleased to meat you Comet. I am Otherbird. You can call me OB. You may know Phoenix and Biddy. They live in the same house as you, right? Good, because you should know that I am Phoenix's pen pal. Biddy is Diamond's nemesis. It means only enemy for life. Don't worry, I didn't know at first either. Anyway, don't pick sides. Trust me, that will get you in a HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE mess. Just hang with us. Ya know, just guys. Those girls are HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE trouble.

Note from Comet: K, thanks, dude!

Note from Phoenix: Will do, Diamond! And totally agree with you dude, they ARE a mess!

Note from Biddy: *growls* Don't think I can't see your comments! I'll claw your eyes out if you do anything like that again you pesky little creatures!


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