Saturday, March 6, 2010

Which Came first, the Conure or the Egg?

Well, guess what folks. So now OB and I are really great friends, but we still argue A LOT! So anyway, we had this conversation the other day about which came first: the conure or the egg? Well, I thought it was the conure, and Otherbird thought it was the egg. Here are our arguments:
Me: The bird came first!
OB: No, it was the egg! How would a conure appear out of nowhere?
Me: The first birds evolved from one molecule that doubled itself so many times until it became a whole bird!
OB: What’s a molecule?
ME: How would and egg appear out of nowhere?
OB: A magical unicorn dropped it from the sky!
Me: Oh, and how's the egg going to hatch itself without a mommy bird? and how can the baby take care of itself when it hatches?
OB: it's a magic egg and a magic baby! (as you can see, Otherbird isn't extremely well read!)
Me: Fine! We'll have a poll on the blog to see who's right!
OB: Fine!

And that's the story kids! Be sure to vote!

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